Margaret River Western Australia Harvest 2012 Update #1

So, here we are again. Luke & I are listening to Beats Antique while our Aussie roommate, fresh off an Italian vintage, cooks Carbonara. We’re currently in Margaret River, 300 kilometers or so from Perth in Western Australia, awaiting the beginning of our first harvest of 2012. We live in ‘The Tin House,’ situated in the Stevens Road estate vineyard of Xanadu Wines. We have no cable, no Internet, but what we lack in communication, we make up in card games.

By the way, you must lock the gate to keep out the emus and kangaroos.

We’re isolated, but our drive to work is easier than our 2011 harvest in Waipara, New Zealand. (The kamikaze rabbits had a tougher time of it than we did.) Not to say that an all terrain vehicle wouldn’t be beneficial, but we’ve already purchased our lot; a glamorous $700 chariot, affectionately known as ‘Blue Balls.’ This 1991 Toyota Camry, prior to our purchase, was spray-painted with a civil shade of blue – so far only seen on concrete traffic posts. Oddly enough, rather than fix the suspension, brake lights, or change the oil, the same former owner opted to put in a brand new Sony Xplod! stereo and two 6×9 speakers. What we lack in antenna, we make up in iPod.

Just a reminder, you must lock the gate to keep out the emus and kangaroos.

Tonight, we’re celebrating our passing of the written part of the Australian forklift license test by pairing the 2006 Xanadu Chardonnay with the Carbonara. We’ve already completed Confined Spaces Training and First Aid Level Two, Aussie Style. Snake bites? Spider bites? No problem. Our fellow coworkers have already been kind enough to catch Red Back & White Tail Spiders for our viewing pleasure.  For our next feat, we’ll learn ping pong.

Hey. Did you lock the gate to keep the emus and kangaroos from eating the fruit?

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