2007 Farnese Edizione Cinque Autoctoni

2007 Farnese Edizione Cinque Autoctoni
  • WHO: Farnese
  • WHAT: 33% Montepulciano, 25% Sangiovese, 30% Primitivo, 7% Negroamaro, 5% Malvasia Nera
  • WHEN: 2007
  • WHERE: Colonnella & Ortona in Abruzzi, Sava & San Marzano in Puglia, Italy
  • HOW: De-stalked, soft-pressed, a 25 day fermentation in oak and oak-aged for 13 months, bottled unfiltered.

Ben & Renee’s Wine in Brief: Let’s just start out by saying that this eclectic blend is like nothing we’ve seen before. We’re fairly unenthusiastic when it comes to Italian reds but when the Sommelier at Piccolo brought us this gem of a bottle and we first took a whiff, we couldn’t wait to indulge ourselves in its complexity. This Italian blend reminded us that Zinfandel does in fact have a long lost older sister. Its dark fruit, toasted date and perfectly smooth mouthfeel made for nothing short of an incredible drinking experience. It might have been the setting, a tiny bourgie restaurant in the heart of Venice beach in the middle of an impressive 4 course meal, however, this particular wine would entrance anyone, no matter where they were sitting. The nose is seductive but it is a mere precursor to the taste; the wine’s rich and velvety tannins made for a well-balanced finish that lingers like a penguin on an iceberg. The Edizione Cinque Autoctoni is decadence meets religion; we promise it will have you praying to find it again. Our later soul-searching uncovered that you can also find this bottle at a favorite hipster stomping ground, Waterloo & City in West Los Angeles.

Wine Website: http://www.farnesevini.it/

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