2008 JUSTIN Sauvignon Blanc

Justin Sauvignon Blanc Front Label
  • WHO: Justin Vineyards & Winery
  • WHAT: 100% Sauvignon Blanc
  • WHEN: 2008
  • WHERE: A pair of Paso Robles, CA vineyards lying to the East and West of the 101 freeway
  • HOW: The two vineyards’ grapes were hand-picked, cluster-pressed and fermented separately until we thought never the twain shall meet, or at least until they were aged together for 5 months in stainless steel.

WHY: We might feel a special kinship with this vineyard as the winery’s age puts it square in the middle of Generation Y, just like ourselves. Or, it could be that our prior experiences with various vintages of their Isosceles, Justification & Savant make this winery’s name stand out like a neon SALE sign at Urban Outfitter’s. Whatever the reason, spying this bottle at Lincoln Fine Wines ended an as-yet-unsolved 45 minute wine-purchasing deliberation immediately.This wine selection became the private Hipster Enology bottle at an engagement party. Just because we didn’t get a chance to volatilize the esters on our first go around with this bottle, doesn’t discredit the wonderful aromas and flavors we detected. Even concealed in a Nalgene, which we prefer to refer to as a carafe, we found scents of young coconut and lemongrass in the nose. Since JUSTIN doesn’t oak this wine at all, it is completely true to the grape, delivering flavors of ripe melon like honeydew & casaba, lots of citrus and freshly cut grass.The Wrap: You’ll always be surprised by what you find in a hipster’s Nalgene. Our secret companion was perfectly paired with the fresh ceviche and fruit at the party. Everything about this wine makes us Hipster Enologists want to hang out somewhere tropical. (Thus shedding our American Apparel V-Necks and skinny jeans to reveal American Apparel swim wear.) It was a fitting selection for a very special occasion, and produced as consistently in quality as their other more expensive wines.

Wine Website: http://www.justinwine.com
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  • I fully support the cause of your carafe smuggling endeavors and have been known to do the same on multiple occasions. How do you feel about long journeys with camelbacks…pretty special summer experience. I have to say though, I do not support the hidden American Apparel swim wear…keep your clothes on kids. Can’t wait to try the wine soon keep up the great reviews!

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