2009 Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau

2009 Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau
  • WHO: Georges “2.5 Million Cases a Year” Duboeuf
  • WHAT: 100% Gamay
  • WHEN: 2009
  • WHERE: Appellation Beaujolais Contrôlée
  • HOW: Clusters are hand-harvested, then the grapes are fermented whole in a process known as carbonic maceration for only four days.

WHY: The Jersey Shore is to television as Beaujolais Nouveau is to wine. Highly publicized and incredibly marketed, Beaujolais Nouveau might be the only wine that has such a well-known release date and subsequent following. Often coinciding with Thanksgiving, Beaujolais Nouveau is released annually on the third Thursday of November after all the blood, sweat & wine has been barreled. Le Beaujolais Est Arrivé is the phrase seen in bistros across the region, signifying the end of a successful harvest, and allons-y nous faisons la fête!Beaujolais Nouveau is a young wine, meant to be drank casually and in season. This wine should be drank within a year of being made, if not immediately. If you encounter any Beaujolais Nouveau more than 2 years old, it’s best left to die alone in the back of the wine shop. In our humble hipster opinion, you probably wouldn’t bring this wine to a dinner party – unless it’s that kind of party. This is a “buy 6 bottles, drink to get drunk” celebratory sort of wine. It’s entirely possible that you may pass out in a gutter in Paris, bottle in hand, and wake up in an alley in Belgium (much to Ben’s chagrin).

The 2009 Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau starts out with a delicate autumnal nose of dried leaves and a crisp early winter breeze. This year’s vintage tastes of grapefruit, overripe strawberries, and lemon rind. The mouth feel is bigger than your average Beaujolais Nouveau and actually seems to have some structure. It’s no Château, but it has a good foundation. It is a very juicy wine, and the refreshing feeling you get from drinking it is well worth the 8 bucks you spent.

The Wrap: Georges Duboeuf’s 2009 incarnation of Beaujolais Nouveau is somewhat beyond its years. It does have a greater complexity than past vintages we’ve had, so it’s worth giving a shot. Considering most of these wines are around a 3rd grade reading level, we give this vintage a gold star. Now that you’ve read this review you know what you’re getting yourself into; so grab a bottle, lower your expectations and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Wine Website: http://www.duboeuf.com/

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  • Thanks for the savvy review! Beaujolais Nouveau is fun stuff but really never meant to be taken too seriously. It's just a light quaff that tends to go ok with Turkey and cranberry sauce. The packaging is really pretty too!…..most the time :D

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