2011 Flirt Red Blend

Hipsterfied Flirt Winery Red Blend LabelWho: W.J Deutsch and Sons Ltd. and Vintage Wine Estates (Marco DiGiulio)

What: Syrah, Carignage, Grenache, and Tempranillo

Where: Mendocino, California

When: 2011

Why: Red blends of all kinds are flooding the U.S. wine market.  They are increasing in popularity with sales growth second only to Moscato.  Like many mass-market wines, Flirt has a very eye-catching label targeting women – easily spotted at our local Ralphs grocery store.  That being said, the wine delivers and shouldn’t just be chalked up as another gimmick.

Flirt’s red blend consists of Syrah, Carignane, Grenache, and Tempranillo.  It’s a Rhone style blend with a little Spanish flair  for the ladies. Unlike many of the red blends, Flirt actually has some character. Perhaps it’s not just a concoction of leftovers from another, better wine.  Though this red blend is still likely sourced from several different vineyards, you can tell mega-consultant winemaker Marco Digiulio gave it some thought.

On first taste, Flirt certainly gives you almost everything you’d want in a $10 quaff.  Its nose is fairly subtle with hints of cranberry and a slight Robitussin scent. It has a balanced structure with decent acid and some black pepper on the back palate.  Boysenberry and plum can be found easily mixing in the mouth as cherry follows on the finish.  Flirt lives up to its name. Once the initial delight of flavor passes over your tongue, it fades away quickly.  Its taste is seductive but leaves you hanging, a perfect tease.

The Wrap:  If you’re going to a party, on a date, or just hanging out at home and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a bottle of wine, we would recommend the 2011 Flirt Red Blend.  It has everything you could ask for in a wine at this price: fruity spice with a little character and intrigue. What more could you want in a flirt?

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