Bear Flag Red Blend #1

Bear Flag Front Label
  • WHO: Bear Flag Wines
  • WHAT: Petite Sirah, Zinfandel, Alicante Bouschet, Merlot, Tempranillo [Percentages Unknown]
  • WHEN: Our money is on 2009
  • WHERE: Modesto, really?
  • HOW: Beth and Hillary Cutler took their favorite grapes and left them to multiply like fuzzy dice in a car.

WHY: We’ve found a rockin’ yet elusive wine in Red Wine Blend #1. We don’t want to make any assumptions, but is the name an homage to the Bear Flag flown over the great state of California? If so, if the Republic of Hipster ever secedes (an area including Silverlake, Los Feliz and much of Eagle Rock), we propose they adopt this label, designed by Eduardo Bertone, as their new state flag.Much like California, Bear Flag Red Wine Blend #1 is über-liberal in nose and taste. Bright notes of tomato vine, Mexicali spice and all the taco-truck fixins a hipster could ask for make for an almost edible bouquet. At first sip, this wine immediately produces high fives. The blend is sweet like the flesh of a date but expresses the fruitiness of a fig.Once it opens, everything you like about Thanksgiving dinner is apparent on the palate; including (but not limited to) cranberry sauce with shaved almonds and mandarin oranges. The tannins are smooth like a red rubber ball aiding in a pleasant mouth-feel

The Wrap: Admittedly, we are addicted to this wine. An empty bottle of Red Wine Blend #1 almost always brightens our recycling bins. Between the colorful label and the bright orange screw-cap with its barcode wrapped around the neck, this bottle is impossible to miss on any shelf. At every sighting, we yell “MANBEARFLAG” in joy & excitement. (Bonus points to those who get the South Park reference.) Considering the depth of flavors exhibited, it is shocking that Bear Flag Red Wine Blend #1 can usually be found for less than $10. Hurry up and get it before we drink it all!

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  • so glad you guys are enjoying it! can’t wait to make the ’09 for you…have you tried white blend #1 yet?

  • Just had this last night after hearing Beth and Hillary talk about it at a wine tasting… and now its one of my fav red blends! Hits all the sweet spots on my palate, but not overpowering..very well balanced. Cheers to Beth and Hillary and I can’t wait to try the white!

      • beth

        having a hard time getting your web site to work……..the contact us doesn't allow me to write you only to send my address

        we are in British Columbia Canada and want to buy your White #1 — it is delicious

        do you have a distributor up here?


        • Nick we are available in the BC LDB stores. We are also in private liquor stores in the Kelowna and Victoria regions. If you let me know your exact location I can get you a store location!


  • Cara if you live in the los angeles area there are a few places you can get both the red and the white wines, the liquer store "lucky stop" in Venice has it as well as several (believe it or not) 7/11's across town, specifically the 7/11 on the corner of Palms and Overland in West LA.

  • Hello! My name is Keith Beavers and I own a wine shop in NYC called Alphabet City Wine Co. we hold an on-going wine and music event here in the East Village and would love to get the ladies in for our next event. Contacting them has been a bit difficult. Is there any way to acquire their contact info besides going thru Ernest and Gallo?

    Best regards,


  • Hi,

    I would like to introduce you to our company. We are an alcohol import agency in Quebec, Canada and have been established in Montreal for over 25 years and nowadays we manage a sales volume of over 500 000 cases. I invite you to visit our website at .
    I would be interested in receiving information on your company as well as on the Bear Flag range. I also invite you to contact me for any additional information.
    Looking forward to hearing from you, I remain entirely at your disposal.


    Lucien Davalan

  • Geraldine Kennedy on

    Hi, I live in Mount Pearl Newfoundland Canada and we (NLC) just listed and received it last week. I purchased it this evening and it is yummy, really taste the jammy zin, little spice from the sirah and the softness of the merlot, low tannin off dry, a wine that is food friendly as well as on it's own. Price here is $13.99 very nice blend wine. New favorite Geraldine

  • Well, I just opened a bottle of your Bear Flag dark red wine blend…. I like blends, but never thought a blend of so many wines (5?) could be so good….. I live in Manteca California. What stores in my area sell your wine? This bottle was a gift! I will be buying it by the case! Would love to try the white blend as well…….Job well done! Lynn Egelston…….Thanks

  • Best Red wine I have ever had, its sooo smooth. N e time i take it to a party people ask about it, then they get cooked. My fav BY FAR

  • I live in Northridge, CA & am having a "bear" of a time finding your wine. Albertsons & Bev Mo carried it, but no more. Where can I get some. I LOVE IT ( the label's pretty good, too!)..

  • I DISCOVERED Bear Flag red blend in Canada & love it! I am in Yuma, Arizona for the winter. Where can I buy Bear Flag? What stores in Yuma carry it?

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