2007 Red Guitar

Bodegas ADA Red Guitar Front Label
  • WHO: Bodegas Ada Winery
  • WHAT: 55% Old Vine Tempranillo, 45% Old Vine Grenache
  • WHEN: 2007
  • WHERE: Navarra, Spain
  • HOW: Contacting the distributor, Cellar Door, couldn’t even untangle the narratives on this wine.

  • WHY: If you ask Cellar Door, it is their ‘rising star’ winemaker, Carlotta Orradre. If you ask the wine’s website, it is their 3rd generation senior citizen growers and their progeny. But, if you ask Bodegas ADA Winery’s website, this wine doesn’t exist at all. What we do know is that the wine benefits from the extensive viticultural history of Lerga and the hamlet’s unique geographical position lying between Bordeaux and Rioja. When this label refers to old vines, they really mean ancient. At over a century’s age, the vines surrounding Lerga are an ampelographer’s wet dream.
  • To start, the ’07 Red Guitar has a big-ass, jammy nose. Immediately Ben had a butter knife at the ready. To our amazement, after being open 30 minutes to an hour this wine held onto its bouquet and didn’t peter off. We detected a rich scent of soil with its brightest notes being chewing tobacco and dried berries.
  • Once tasted, true to the Tempranillo, we got a leathery, mild tobacco-chew taste. The Grenache brought out blackberry notes, but didn’t get all Rococo on us with berry and flourish. Despite an array of full flavors, the mouth-feel was disappointingly soft.
  • The Wrap:Making dinner with your girlfriend? Bring it. This simple blend’s lack of complexity makes this an ideal wine to pairing from picnics to pizza. Yet, the perfect balance of the two flavors could easily lead someone to believe this bottle was a lot more expensive than it was, if only the label didn’t look so cheap. (Yes, minotaurs. Yes, a guitar. Okay, Bodegas ADA, we get that you like Picasso.)

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  • You guys got to check out “Risque Sommelier..Just a little bit gay!” His descriptors, like yours, are fresh – and different. Hope to see you all soon, Eve

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