2006 Rideau Vineyard Iris Château Duplantier Cuvée

  • WHO: Rideau Vineyard
  • WHAT: Syrah, Mourvèdre, Grenache [Percentages Unknown]
  • WHEN: 2006
  • WHERE: Solvang, CA
  • HOW: All grapes estate grown, assumed to be aged in French Oak based on previous vintage information.

WHY: Ben was the first to discover the Rideau Winery & Vineyard shortly after his 2006 arrival to California. One by one, in good time, each of us fell to their grapes’ charms, even before we could access wine club membership. Over the years we’ve enjoyed the vintages, and thought it only fitting to review one of our favorite wines now that we have a wine blog.The Château Duplantier Cuvée is an homage to Iris Rideau’s maiden name, Duplantier. We hear the 2006 vintage is a blend of syrah, mourvèdre, and grenache. However, we’re almost positive that the winemaker put tears of miniature ponies into this wine. Those tears of innocents prevent it from developing the soul-sucking tannins that can corrupt other big wines. Nothing dampens the fruit-forward nature of this complex California Rhône-style wine that follows through to the finish from soft cherry to black raspberry flavors. Even the hot spice on the nose of the wine can best be described as dried peppercorn fruits. The velvety mouth-feel of the wine even seems to contribute a vanilla bean character.With zero distribution, ordering from the vineyard directly is the only way to get this gem, but we highly recommend visiting the Alamo Pintado Adobe in person. There, you can see the estate grown Rhône varietals, and visit the reserve tasting rooms tastefully decorated in Victorian era furniture with Creole sensibilities. With expansive lawns & tall trees, the grounds themselves lend a magical quality to this vineyard. While you’re there, you might hear Ol’ Blue Eyes himself serenading you with the grapes from concealed speakers. Don’t bother packing a picnic though, because they provide a delicious gourmet cuisine to complement the wine.

The Wrap: Although this wine is at a higher price point than wines we have reviewed thus far, this bottle is a rare gem that all of our palates agree on. If… When you go to the Rideau Vineyard to find out for yourself, stay a while. Immerse yourself in the beautiful surroundings, and enjoy a bottle or two. Keep an eye out on the farm across the street. As far as we know, every time a bottle of Duplantier is drank, a miniature pony gets its wings.

Wine Website: http://www.rideauvineyard.com/

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  • Courtney Watkins on

    I got a bottle of this when I went up there a few months ago, and returned 3 weeks later to get more! This winery has become my favorite. I'm not a fan of whites, but I bought a few from them! I will be visiting them again next weekend.

    I love your review and emailed it to a few people. "Keep an eye out on the farm across the street. As far as we know, every time a bottle of Duplantier is drank, a miniature pony gets its wings." That had me laughing out loud.

  • I love this Winery! Their 03 Château Duplantier Cuvée was one of my absolute favorite bottles of wine. (shed a tear when we drank our last bottle)

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